Preparing For Thanksgiving Guests

The month of October is quickly flying by and before you know it November will be here. With November brings the Thanksgiving holiday. Many families get together for Thanksgiving break. If you plan on having family over for Thanksgiving, now may be a good time to instill a plan to get your home ready for company. When preparing your home for Thanksgiving guests, make sure your guest room is a welcoming place. Make sure to vacuum the floors, dust the furniture, and make the beds. Sometimes guest rooms can become a makeshift storage room. If this is the case for your room, you may need to find another place to store your items. A great place to store things temporarily is with a Fayetteville storage unit. After cleaning your guest room thoroughly, give it another look over. If your bedding looks old, consider buying new sheets and a comforter. You … Continued

Back to School Storage

School has just started and you may already feel overwhelmed. School time doesn’t just mean homework and classes. School also means it’s time for extra-curricular activities. Organization and putting this into storage can make things much easier when taking your children to school, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities. The first place you should consider organizing is the entryway in your home. Whether you have a long hallway or a closet at the entry, organizing that area can make your morning and afternoon schedules less hectic. Heavy-duty hooks work great for not only coats, but also backpacks. Shoe organizers that hang on the inside of closet doors are also great for storage. These two items alone will prevent you from tripping over backpacks and shoes. In the evening after homework is finished, have each child put his or her backpack with everything needed for the next day back on the hook … Continued

Garage Storage Space

Garages often become a space for storage rather than for a car. It becomes an easy habit to move your house’s clutter to the garage. However, your garage will soon become filled with junk. Organizing your garage will provide you more space in the garage and possibly even your home! Garages can be used for various things. You can store your car, gardening equipment, or even use the garage to play games with the family. Decide for what purpose you mainly use the garage to decipher the best way to organize it. If you need more space than your garage allows, it may be time to get a Fayetteville storage container. Baskets and drawers are great for storing loose things. Tools and gardening equipment can be stored in a tool box or on a peg board. Storage containers and racks can create a lot of space in your garage. Installing … Continued

Organize with Fayetteville Storage

It may not have been fun to be nagged by you mother about keeping your room tidy, but she had a point. Things are so much easier when everything is organized and in a proper place. Unfortunately, our homes are often cluttered with toys, clothes, magazines, and much more. When your home is cluttered, it can be difficult to find an organizing way to place your things. Clutter can slowly accumulate over time. Families just have a tendency to accumulate more things over the years. Clutter can create a dusty mess that is difficult to clean. It is necessary to throw out old and useless items. Pick your own bad clutter spot and start cleaning the area. Then move on to the next area. After cleaning some areas, get the rest of the family to pitch in and help. You may need to institute a fun cleaning game to get … Continued

Move, Renovate, or Use Fayetteville Storage to Create Space

Do you own small house and feel like you have no space? It may be time to consider a larger home or find ways to make more space at your current home. You can move out of your current house, add an addition to your current home, or store some of your belongings in Fayetteville storage container. Compare the cost of moving versus adding an addition to your house and consider your options. Adding different rooms to your home can create different levels of expenses. Renovating the garage or adding a family room will be considerably less than adding on a whole second-floor addition. Before you decide to renovate, you should consider other homes for sale in your neighborhood or in neighboring cities. You should compare the houses you are interested in buying with your current home. To help you work through your options, contact a realtor and a contractor … Continued

Fayetteville Storage Makes the Moving Process Better

If you’ve ever rented a moving truck, you know they can often be undependable, underpowered and inconvenient for your moving schedule. If you’re looking for a better moving solution, mobile moving and Fayetteville storage offers a more convenient way to move. Moving trucks are off the ground and require a big step up into the truck. This requires you to lift heavy items above your head. This can be difficult for many people, especially those with back problems. Storage and moving containers are on ground level, making it easier to move your items.   If you need a week, month, or longer to get your items packed, mobile moving and storage companies can deliver a container on wheels to your home and leave it there for as long as you need. The containers are on wheels, so you can roll them to different areas. If the container you ordered is … Continued

Storage for Local Moves in Fayetteville

If your new home isn’t ready yet, and you have to temporarily relocate, you can have a storage company store your belongings on their site until your move-in date. Portable storage and moving container companies are becoming a popular choice among many homeowners. These companies specialize in moving and storage solutions for homeowners and businesses. Fayetteville Storage and moving businesses specialize in ground-level containers on wheels. The containers are up to 16 feet wide and can be delivered right to your home. You can wheel them from room to room and rent them for as long as you need them. When you are done the company comes back to your house, picks up the containers, and delivers your goods to your new address. Fayetteville self storage companies allow you the convenience of working around your schedule and not the moving van’s schedule. Choose self storage and prevent the headache caused … Continued

Staging Your Home for an Open House

If offers on your home have been sparse or nonexistent, you probably need to take a good look at your home to figure out what’s not working for potential buyers. Whether or not economic times and market competition are to blame for no sale, you have even more reason to consider staging your home. Staging involves setting up rooms with the best furniture arrangement and use of accessories and color to create an inviting, appealing atmosphere for potential buyers. The first step of staging starts by cleaning and decluttering your house. The bathrooms must sparkle, and the kitchen must be a warm, inviting place. Also give your carpets a good cleaning, but if they are beyond cleaning, you may want to invest in a new neutral-colored carpet. Next, cast a critical eye on your walls. If you have any rooms where the paint color screams garish, then you need to … Continued