If offers on your home have been sparse or nonexistent, you probably need to take a good look at your home to figure out what’s not working for potential buyers. Whether or not economic times and market competition are to blame for no sale, you have even more reason to consider staging your home.

Staging involves setting up rooms with the best furniture arrangement and use of accessories and color to create an inviting, appealing atmosphere for potential buyers. The first step of staging starts by cleaning and decluttering your house. The bathrooms must sparkle, and the kitchen must be a warm, inviting place. Also give your carpets a good cleaning, but if they are beyond cleaning, you may want to invest in a new neutral-colored carpet. Next, cast a critical eye on your walls. If you have any rooms where the paint color screams garish, then you need to repaint in a neutral color that is more appealing to everyone. Remove piles of clothing, toys, books, knick-knacks and even extra furniture from the house. Storage companies have convenient storage containers that you can rent to store your things while staging your home.
Once the clutter has been removed, you can arrange each room to its best advantage. You can even rent just the right furniture for this if you don’t already own it. Use accessories such as mirrors, silk flowers, and lamps to tie everything together. Artfully arrange the rooms to make an inviting setting. Make sure your house smells clean (not chemically) and fresh. It never hurts to have something freshly baked such as bread or cookies sitting out on a platter in the kitchen. Many homeowners hire a professional stager to help speed along the sale of their house, but follow the cleaning tips, staging tips and move your clutter into a Fayetteville storage unit and soon your house will be sold! Mobile Storage Company is located along Highway 1 in Sanford, North Carolina. Our services include a variety of local moving and storage solutions such as self storage, portable storage, RV storage and boat storage in NC. Call us at (919) 774-8033 today!