School has just started and you may already feel overwhelmed. School time doesn’t just mean homework and classes. School also means it’s time for extra-curricular activities. Organization and putting this into storage can make things much easier when taking your children to school, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities.

The first place you should consider organizing is the entryway in your home. Whether you have a long hallway or a closet at the entry, organizing that area can make your morning and afternoon schedules less hectic. Heavy-duty hooks work great for not only coats, but also backpacks. Shoe organizers that hang on the inside of closet doors are also great for storage. These two items alone will prevent you from tripping over backpacks and shoes. In the evening after homework is finished, have each child put his or her backpack with everything needed for the next day back on the hook and ready to grab on the way out the door. This will prevent the morning panic of running around hunting for missing papers and backpacks.

Having a specific space in your home for homework and studying will also help organize your home. Your children will be able to have paper, pencils, and other supplies organized in that area. Make sure that there isn’t a television around to cause distractions. If your child prefers to work in their bedroom, that is a suitable location. However, if they have a messy room, you may need to help them organize their things. Putting old toys and other unused items into Fayetteville storage containers will also create some extra space. Once the extra items have been put into storage, a bedroom laundry hamper will prevent any further clutter. However, these items will only help if you convince your children to actually use them.

Even after organizing your house, you may find that there isn’t enough space in your home still. Fayetteville portable storage containers work great to store items that you aren’t using, but may need in the future. Don’t let your home become cluttered with things. Contact Mobile Storage Company at (919) 774-8033 for all your storage needs.