Portable Storage: An Innovative Solution to an Age-old Problem

What exactly does portable storage mean? Simply put, Mobile Storage Company offers our customers storage trailers delivered right to your door or loading dock. These all-weather storage units stay on your site for as long as you need; once they are packed, you have a few options for storage:

  • Customers can rent and store them on their personal property.
  • Customers can fill the containers and have them stored on Mobile Storage Company’s lot.
  • Items such as RVs, boats and other “warehouse storage items,” (e.g., food) are stored in our climate-controlled warehouse. our storage trailers are on wheels.

Mini Storage: Ideal For Commercial and Home Use

Mobile Storage Company has the perfect storage solutions for your Fayetteville and Sanford area home or business. This is an excellent way of increasing your storage space on an as-needed basis. We offer same or next day delivery depending upon the situation and location. You will find the portable storage units’ versatility make them ideal for a variety of commercial and home uses.

Mobile Storage Commercial Uses and Benefits

Commercial uses: asset management, records management, corporate relocation and shipping and receiving.

Commercial Benefits: Storage trailers can be delivered directly to your loading dock. They may remain at the dock when frequent access is required, or we can move them to the parking lot to free up the dock door. If space is limited on your property, the storage trailer can be moved to our secure lot in Sanford, NC and stored there until you need it.

Residential uses: moving, remodeling, additional storage as needed.

Residential Benefits: The sizing of these units allows you to load as much furniture and household items as you need to. We will match the size of your job with the size of one of our storage trailers. When finished loading, we will pick up the storage units and take them to your new residence or our storage lot.

Contact Mobile Storage Company today for a free, no-hassle quote. We’ll supply you with customized storage solutions for your home and business.