Mobile Storage Company provides a variety of storage and moving services. Whether our clients need self storage or portable moving storage, we will meet your needs. Mobile Storage Company is conveniently located near the Fort Bragg Military Base. We provide Fort Bragg storage solutions for servicemen and women who may be deployed overseas. We understand the amount of travel Military personnel and their families must undergo. Our business aims to make your travels more convenient with our Fort Bragg storage containers. Whether you’ve been stationed in Fort Bragg for months or are just now undergoing Fort Bragg relocation, Mobile Storage Company will meet your needs.

Mobile Storage Company understands that Military families are expected to move to different locations when needed. Our Fort Bragg storage containers help you easily organize your personal things, while completing your Fort Bragg relocation. Our Fort Bragg storage containers come in a variety of sizes. Whether you need to store a large couch or just family pictures, our storage containers provide a safe space for your personal items.

Mobile Storage Company’s Fort Bragg storage containers are a better alternative to regular moving trucks. You may use a portable storage container for certain rooms or specific items. This is much more convenient than random cardboard boxes in a moving truck. We also allow you to keep the Fort Bragg storage containers until you are fully unpacked or packed. This is much less hectic than having all your items scattered before or after your Fort Bragg relocation. We will also move your moving or storage container to your new installation or home to give you piece of mind during your Fort Bragg relocation. We do all the driving so military personnel can focus more time with their families and ease the demands on their families while away serving our country.

Contact Mobile Storage for Fort Bragg storage containers or help with your Fort Bragg relocation. Mobile Storage Company appreciates your service to our country and the personal sacrifices your family makes. We offer a 10% Military discount to Military Veterans and our Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base customers. Please call us at 919-774-8033 for more details on the Military discount on Fort Bragg storage and Fort Bragg relocation services.