Hassle- Free Moving?

Well, almost with a do-it-yourself moving and storage company.

Local moving can be a chore. Even though you’re not moving across the country, you still have to pack everything up and transport it to your new location. If you’ve gone the rental truck route before, you know the stress of having to pack everything in a single day, repeated trips back and forth from the old place to the new, wondering if the truck is going to break down and finally the race to get the truck back so you’re not charged any late fees.

Let Mobile Storage Company get you off the moving merry-go-round. We will help you assess the correct amount of moving and storage containers you need and then deliver to your home or business a storage trailer to pack your belongings in at your convenience. Yes, that’s right. You can take your time and pack as slowly or as quickly as you want. Then when you’re ready—whether it be days, weeks or months, call us and we’ll pick up the moving containers and transport them to your NC home or loading dock for you. Or, if you’re not ready for the move yet, we can store them at our secure location. We do our best to make Sanford storage easy!

Contact Mobile Storage Company of Sanford North Carolina today for a quote, and we’ll give you an estimate and a plan for customizing your moving and storage needs.