Innovative Solutions for Commercial and Home Storage

Mobile Storage Company has a solution for all your commercial and home storage needs. However much extra storage space you need, we have a portable storage container to match it. We’ll suggest a storage trailer. We even deliver the storage units to your home or business for packing; take as long as you want to pack and call us when you’re done for pick up. Nothing could be more convenient.

Portable Storage—Delivered to Your Door on Your Schedule

Mobile Storage Company prides itself on making life easier for our clients. We bring our storage trailers to your home or dock. You then fill them up according to your schedule and we’ll pick them up and either store them or deliver them to a new location for you. You don’t have to waste your time and money on truck rentals.

Self Storage with a Modern Twist

If you’ve used the traditional self-storage garages before, you know the drill: pack your items, pack your car, drive to the facility, unload everything, load your container, drive home and repeat. Mobile Storage Company can remove the stress from this hassle by giving you options. We’ll deliver the storage units directly to your Sanford NC home or business and let you fill them there. You decide whether you want them to remain on your site, have us take them to a new location or have them stored at our secure facility. Self storage has never been easier.

Moving and Storage for When You Need Both

If you find yourself moving out of one home before the next is ready, let Mobile Storage Company help with this storage dilemma. We’ll deliver our Sanford storage units to your current home or business for you to pack your belongings in and then store them until you are ready for your permanent move. At that point, give us a call and we’ll deliver them to your new location. Problem solved. We also provide Fort Bragg storage containers to Military personnel at a discounted price.

Boat and RV Storage

RVs, boats and other off-road vehicles come part and parcel with North Carolina living. But when these items are not in use, they can become a bit problematic. Store them in the driveway? You’ll probably not be the favorite family on the block. And, exposing your boat to inclement weather will only hasten its demise. Let us come to the rescue. Our indoor boat storage and RV storage facility will protect your vehicle and keep it out of the way when you’re not using it. Enjoy your recreational vehicles, clear out your driveway and stay in the good graces of your neighbors.

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Common Storage Questions