If you’ve ever rented a moving truck, you know they can often be undependable, underpowered and inconvenient for your moving schedule. If you’re looking for a better moving solution, mobile moving and Fayetteville storage offers a more convenient way to move.

Moving trucks are off the ground and require a big step up into the truck. This requires you to lift heavy items above your head. This can be difficult for many people, especially those with back problems. Storage and moving containers are on ground level, making it easier to move your items.
If you need a week, month, or longer to get your items packed, mobile moving and storage companies can deliver a container on wheels to your home and leave it there for as long as you need. The containers are on wheels, so you can roll them to different areas. If the container you ordered is too small, you can call the company to have a larger container delivered to your site. Mobile storage containers also work perfectly to organize your move. You can pack all your items in one container per each room. Then you’ll know exactly what goes where after arriving at your new location.
Once you finish packing, the company will pick up your belongings and drop them off at your new location. Many of the mobile storage companies even pay for the gas to transport your belongings! Portable storage containers are allow safe transport of your belongings. Portable moving containers are also an economical solution. Using a portable moving company usually costs less than renting a truck.
The next time you and  your family are moving, contact a portable moving and storage company. It will make your move more convenient, safe and economical. Mobile Storage Company is located along Highway 1 in Sanford, North Carolina. Our services include a variety of local moving and storage solutions such as self-storage, portable storage, RV storage and boat storage in NC. Contact us at (919) 774-8033 to make your move more convenient today.